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Definition of Terms

"Website"denotes all the online content found on the pages of Best Book Publisher website. website pages.

"Customer," "you," or "yours" refers to yourself or any other individual placing an order through bestbookpublisher.com.

"Company," "we," or "our" represents bestbookpublisher.com, a company legally registered under the State laws.

"Product or services" encompasses all the services and products offered by bestbookpublisher.com in line with the customer's order.

"Order" stands for a customer's request, placed via phone or email, to purchase services or products provided by bestbookpublisher.com. These orders are confirmed through down payments made by check, credit card, cash receipt, bank wire transfer, Western Union, or PayPal transfer.

Our Services

Upon placing an order or making a payment on this site, you are consenting to adhere to the terms detailed in our policy. Please thoroughly review and comprehend all these conditions before making any purchases, as they might differ from those advertised online.


We do not facilitate returns for fulfilled orders due to the personalized nature of our products. However, for customers seeking adjustments, like editing and proofreading services, along with adherence to specific requirements, we offer a revision process.

In ensuring quality standards, such as editing and proofreading services, and adherence to specified requirements, our revision process is available to assist all customers, prioritizing their satisfaction above all else. Should the delivered product fail to meet the initially specified requirements, we conduct a thorough internal review and will proceed to revise or recreate the content at no extra charge.


Every package is accompanied by its specific revision policy, outlined in the service description. Revisions are offered within a timeframe of 5 to 10 days from the moment the order enters the "Waiting for Customer Approval" status in our Order Management Platform. The actual revision duration is contingent upon the package ordered.

Upon the product's presentation for review and its status transition to "Waiting For Customer Approval," customers can request revisions. This can be initiated by directly emailing their designated project manager. Any content changes made by the client after fulfillment but before publishing are owned by the client, as the content is delivered in a Word format.

Refund Policy

We handle refund requests individually and prioritize supporting our customers to meet their needs. Our team is committed to working closely with customers to resolve issues to the best of our ability.

Circumstances that may warrant a refund include, but are not limited to, exceptional reasons or orders that have not yet been allocated or started at the time of the refund request.

Should a refund be processed, it typically takes 5 to 15 days to reflect in the customer's account. A processing fee of USD 250 or 5% of the order amount (whichever is higher) applies in all cases. Approval for a refund request will be confirmed by our support team and will be refunded using the original payment method. Customers will receive a refund notification via the email used during the original checkout.

Refunds are only offered under specific and specified conditions as detailed below:

Change of Mind

a) Before Project Commencement: A full refund is available if requested before our writers/editors begin work on the project.

b) If you decide, for any reason, to discontinue your project with us after placing the order, you can request a refund within one hour of order placement.

c) After Project Commencement: Should a refund request be made after the project has started and at least one round of revision has been utilized by the client, a partial refund (up to 5%) may be provided to ensure fair compensation to our internal teams.

Incompetent Delivery

Customers reserve the right to seek a refund after exploring the specified options if the delivered work does not align with the documented project requirements. We are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, offering unlimited revisions to guarantee that all deliverables meet expectations. Free pages of equivalent value can be reserved in advance and utilized at any time for added convenience.

  • In cases where the delivery does not comply with the customer's documented project requirements, we remain dedicated to achieving complete satisfaction.
  • Our commitment involves assigning, reassigning, and rewriting work to ensure that the final delivery meets your expectations. Additionally, customers can reserve free pages of equivalent value for future use at their discretion. If, despite these efforts, the delivery still fails to meet your specified requirements, a refund can be processed. This is contingent upon a mutual agreement on a predetermined percentage, specifically in instances where the delivery significantly deviates from the expected standards.

Late Delivery

We promise timely delivery, and in the event of our failure, a refund will be processed upon confirming that the delay was attributed to our error.

Estimated Refund Time

Refunds must be claimed within 10 days of the initial submission or order delivery, provided no revisions have been utilized. Claims beyond this period will not be considered, and all prior claims have been dismissed.

Refunds will not be issued in the following cases:

  • Refunds will be subject to mutual agreement in cases of minor technical errors causing a delayed delivery, such as grammatical issues, typing errors, word count discrepancies, or missing references. The company will only consider a partial refund or offer discounts for future purchases in such instances.
  • The company will not assume responsibility for delays caused by the client.
  • Refunds will not be granted based on low word count.

Modification in Pricing and Services

The services offered may be altered without prior notice. We retain the right, at any time and for various reasons, including but not limited to price adjustments or service modifications, to modify or discontinue services.