Updated on June 06, 2024

Publishing a book or choosing the right publishing company is often confusing and difficult. As providers of expert book publishing services , we help authors to publish their books with ease. However, if you want to publish a book traditionally, you need to find out the top book publishing companies in your genre. In this article, we have to simplify the process and created a list of 20 best book publishing companies of 2024, highlighting what makes them special and unique in the competitive publishing industry. With this information, you can easily determine which publisher offers you the best chances for success!

List of 20 Book Publishing Companies in 2024

Here are the 20 best book publishing companies in the world:

1. Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House , one of the world's largest and top influential publishing companies, was formed through the merger of Penguin and Random House in 2013. Known for its diverse catalog, it publishes a wide range of most celebrated books. This merger has published more than 100,000 ebooks.

Penguin Random House, based in New York, operates in 20 countries worldwide. The company is a leader in the publishing industry, making it a top choice for both established and new authors who want to reach a wide audience. Although it's tough to land a deal with them, you can start by getting an agent to try your luck.

Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, classics, comics, poetry, cookbooks, travel, photography, spirituality, and sports

2. Harper Collins

Harper Collins , a renowned publishing giant established in 1817, has captivated readers globally since 1989. Based in New York, it has a presence in 17 countries across the world.

Harper Collins has helped many famous writers and produced top-selling books in different types of genres. Michael Crichton is known for his great fiction stories, and Patricia Cornwell is famous for her bestsellers in mystery and thriller books.

Genres: Science and Nature, travel, children's books, young adult, literary classics, history and politics

3. Simon and Schuster

Simon & Schuster , an established publisher founded in 1924, operates more than 35 imprints and annually publishes over 2,000 books. They welcome submissions directly from authors, eliminating the need for an agent to submit your work!

Simon & Schuster has published books by famous writers like Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, and Judy Blume. They're very proud of winning 57 Pulitzer Prizes and other major awards like the National Book Award, the Edgar Award, and the Man Booker Prize. In 2021 alone, they had 219 books that were New York Times bestsellers, and an impressive 29 of those were ranked #1 on the list!

Genres: Mystery & thriller, literary fiction, historical fiction, romance, non-fiction, biography & memoir, children's books, and young adult

4. Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan Publishers , founded in 1843, has been important in shaping literature and is a top book publisher in Britain. They have over 10 imprints in the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, and India. Some of their well-known imprints include St. Martin's Press, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and Henry Holt and Company.

Having published more than 6,000 bestsellers, Macmillan has brought to readers works by renowned authors like George Orwell, Agatha Christie, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Their dedication to excellence and creativity has established a solid standing for the company within the publishing industry.

Genres: Literary fiction, horror, commercial fiction, non-fiction, memoir, biography, children's books, professional and vocational

5. Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group is one of the top book publishing companies in the United States, with a history full of accomplishments and a wide-ranging catalog. They offer a diverse selection, including more than 2,100 adult books, 500 children's books, and 750 audiobook titles.

Hachette nurtures bestselling authors like James Patterson, J.K. Rowling, and Malcolm Gladwell, making a significant impact on culture and literature. Additionally, the Hachette Book Group has been honored with prestigious awards including the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal, Booker Prize, and Nobel Peace Prize.

Genres: Science fiction and fantasy, true crime, young adult, graphic novels, personal development, and self-help

6. John Wiley and Sons

John Wiley & Sons , commonly known as Wiley, is a top publishing company specializing in academic and professional literature. Founded in 1807, Wiley has a rich history of providing high-quality content to researchers, professionals, and educators worldwide.

It's also the publisher of well-known literary figures like Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and even Emily Dickinson. John Wiley and Sons offers opportunities to new writers by accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

Genres: Academic, scientific, medical, scholarly research, and educational materials

7. Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster , founded in 1831 by brothers George and Charles Merriam, is a renowned publisher of dictionaries and reference books all over the world.

Merriam-Webster, based in Springfield, Massachusetts, has been a subsidiary of Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. since 1964. Their Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is highly respected as a leading source for English language definitions and usage. Their current and accurate reference materials have positioned them as a frontrunner in the publishing field.

8. Scholastic

Established in 1920, Scholastic is a prominent American educational publishing company known for its focus on children's literature, comics, and educational resources. It has emerged as a top publisher of children's books globally, offering publications in more than 40 languages. Scholastic is celebrated for its famous book clubs, educational magazines like Scholastic News, and beloved series such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Through its diverse range of books, educational programs, and digital resources, Scholastic plays a significant role in shaping young minds for learning and literature.

Genres: Children’s literature, comics, and educational materials

9. Pearson

Pearson started in 1844 as a big educational publishing and assessment company. They have over 160 million users worldwide and are known for creating modern and effective learning materials. Authors can team up with Pearson to make content for students and teachers.

Pearson is a big name in publishing industry, especially for educational materials like textbooks and digital tools used in schools worldwide. They also help teachers improve their skills with training programs and certifications.

Genres: Learning materials, education

10. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) is a well-known educational publisher that has been around since 1832, based in Boston, Massachusetts. They have a strong reputation as a leader in creating educational materials, offering digital resources that improve learning.

HMH offers a variety of materials like textbooks and educational software for schools, teachers, and students. They're dedicated to enhancing education outcomes and remain a trusted ally for schools and educators worldwide.

Genres: Education, learning materials

11. Springer Nature

Springer Nature , established in 2015 from the merger of Springer Science+Business Media and Nature Publishing Group, is a top global publisher in research, education, and professional fields. Renowned for its high-quality scientific, technical, and medical content, Springer Nature offers a wide range of books, journals, and digital resources.

This English-German academic publishing company backs the academic community with pioneering research publications and offers cutting-edge solutions for education and professional development. Authors looking for a platform with a robust academic emphasis may find Springer Nature to be an ideal partner.

Genres: Scientific research, social sciences, history, and educational resources

12. McGraw-Hill Education

Founded in 1888, McGraw-Hill Education is one of the "big three" educational publishers globally. It delivers comprehensive learning solutions to students, educators, and institutions worldwide. Authors have the chance to shape the future of educational resources by partnering with McGraw-Hill.

Genres: Education, digital resources

13. Kodansha

Founded in 1909, Kodansha is one of Japan's largest publishing companies. Kodansha publishes a wide range of content, including manga, novels, non-fiction, and magazines. Specializing in popular manga magazines such as Nakayoshi, Afternoon, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, and Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, Kodansha holds a dominant position in the manga industry.

For manga authors, Kodansha offers a unique platform to display their creative stories. Renowned series like "Attack on Titan," "Sailor Moon," and "Akira" have achieved global recognition under Kodansha's banner. The company's commitment to quality and innovation has cemented its status as a powerhouse in the publishing industry, making it a key player in both Japanese and international markets.

Genres: Non-fiction, academic

14. Cengage

Founded in 2007, Cengage is a prominent publishing company in the educational content and technology sector, committed to improving learning experiences. With operations spanning across more than 20 countries globally, Cengage has a significant presence as a global player in educational publishing.

Genres: Academic, research journals, textbooks

15. Shueisha

In 1925, Shueisha began as a division of Shogakukan focused on entertainment publishing, later becoming an independent company in 1926. Specializing in manga, magazines, and novels, Shueisha is a prominent publisher in Japan. The company is famous for creating iconic manga series such as "One Piece," "Naruto," and "Dragon Ball," which have had a profound impact on Japanese pop culture. Shueisha serves as a gateway for authors to enter the dynamic Japanese publishing scene, offering opportunities to contribute to its vibrant and diverse literary world.

Genres: Action, adventure, romance, and fantasy

16. Turner Publishing

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Turner Publishing is a reputable publishing house that holds a significant position in the independent book industry of the United States. Under the leadership of its current president, Todd Bottorff, the company has expanded its influence globally, with its books being distributed in more than 55 countries.

Turner Publishing operates under several imprints like Hunter House, Ramsey & Todd, and Keylight Books, offering a broad selection of both fiction and nonfiction titles.

Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books

17. Tin House

Established in 1999, Tin House is a renowned literary magazine and independent book publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Their collection includes poetry, literary nonfiction, and fiction, showcasing celebrated works like Elisha Washuta’s "White Magic" and Khadijah Queen’s "Anodyne."

This independent publisher actively invites submissions from writers without agents during designated submission periods held three times annually.

Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry

18. Epicenter Press

Established in 1988, Epicenter Press is an independent book publisher originally located in Alaska, USA, now based in Kenmore, Washington. It operates under imprints like Fanny Press and Coffeetown Press, offering a diverse range of titles covering topics like Native American history, Alaskan adventures, and exploration narratives.

It focusing on biographies, history, and true crime, Epicenter Press also features fiction, including mystery novels such as Janet L. Smith’s "A Vintage Murder" and Don Stuart’s "Final Adjournment." Epicenter Press is open to submissions from writers and agents, given they align with the publisher's geographical and cultural parameters.

Genres: Regional literature, biography, history, true crime

19. Tilbury House

Originally known as Harpswell Press, Tilbury House is an independent publishing company founded in 1974 and based in Gardiner, Maine. They specialize in children's books and nonfiction titles, with a focus on publishing works that advocate for cultural understanding, environmental consciousness, and social justice.

Tilbury House welcome submissions directly from authors without agents and are specifically interested in nonfiction books for children and instructional titles for adults, especially those centered around Maine.

Genres: Children’s books, non-fiction

20. Uproar Books

Established in 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, Uproar Books is an independent publisher renowned for specializing in science fiction and fantasy genres. Co-founded by Rick Lewis, the publishing house has gained recognition for standout titles like J. R. H. Lawless’s "The Rude Eye of Rebellion" and Jamie Thomas’s "Asperfell."

At present, Uproar Books exclusively considers manuscripts and queries from authors who are represented by agents or have been invited to submit their work.

Genres: Science-fiction, fantasy, adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional publishing typically offers more credibility and prestige due to the established reputation of reputable publishers. However, self-publishing can provide more creative control and quicker publication.

"The Bible" is considered the best-selling book of all time, with billions of copies sold worldwide.

No, reputable book publishers do not require authors to pay for publishing services. They typically cover the costs of editing, design, printing, and distribution in exchange for a share of book sales. If a publisher asks for payment upfront, it's often a red flag and may indicate a vanity publisher or a publishing scam.

The cost of publishing a book can vary widely depending on factors like editing, cover design, printing, and distribution. Self-publishing can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, while traditional publishing doesn't require upfront payment from authors but may involve royalties and marketing expenses.

Yes, getting a book published can be challenging due to the competitive nature of the publishing industry. It often requires persistence, patience, and a strong book proposal or manuscript to attract the attention of literary agents or publishers. For more details visit Best Book Publisher